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After I rent an apartment there was some damage that was caused by myself and my cat. My landlord does keep my deposit now and asking even more money for a damage that was not even caused by me. Also she wants to replace some things that are not even damaged.

I do have a liability insurance, However, she doesn't provide any estimations yet. So I can't provide this to my insurance company to let them pay the damage.

Can you please help me in this case.

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Are you stil living in the rental appartment? In any case: before you entered this appartement the landlord must provide you with a list on things with damage , without she must prove the damge was not there at the time of beginning of the rental contract. Also normal signs of use and normal outwear may not be on the count of the huurder..

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I don't live there anymore. What can I do now?
Not pay anything ans please get in contact with me when your former Landlord tries to make a new effort .

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