I recently started a new role in the Netherlands for same company I also worked for in the UK. I received and have signed a new contract, starting from 01/05/2019. Yesterday (16/05/2019) my employer told me they had made a mistake and had to change my contract to reduce my pay by approximately €9000 per year. They have offered me €2500 as compensation for the mistake. Can they do this? What are my options?


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1 In principle a contract can not be altered by just one party (the employer in this case). Relevant in this case could be the answer to the question whether or not you could have been aware that they made a mistake. If you want to discuss, please give me a call.

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In principle you are working for the same employer. The employer now offered a new contract under Dutch law? I guess the conditions were better, otherwise I would not have signed it. Do you have a complete new function now, different from before?

An amendment of the contract for such a substantial amount is not possible (by one party) after signing or to be honest at all since its a contract with the same employer.

The contract, does that include a temperary period, i.e. a period under which the contract can be dissolved by the employer without cause? If such is the case it could be invalid.

Something seems to be wrong here. What did you agree upon other then the function? Did you read all the terms and the general conditions?

My advise is that you might want to avoid a conflict, especially if you want to stay with this company. EUR 9.000 a year in exchange for a one time amount of EUR 2.500? Start the negotiations with this employer again. Ofcourse you have a right to the agreed amount but the other side is that you dont want to blow up your carreer I assume.

Negotiating is now not really a level playing field anymore. You could try to ask for other compensations then the salary itself? What other benefits could you get and what would the employer probably give away more easily?

Concluding, you start by telling your employer he has no right and if that does not work you try the above.

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Thanks so much for the advice. It would be great if I could call you, but where do I find your number?

Best regards,
you can email me on the address in my profile lucylegal@outlook.com

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