Rental agency ripped 1300 euro from my deposit, what are the procedures of suing them and how much would it cost?

you can see here their charges breakdown https://i.redd.it/f34x54hl5gx31.png
It's a 40 meter studio, and I have spent the last two days cleaning it, the agent said that it needs a final clean because we give it to tenants "hotel clean" and that the curtains need to be cleaned as well, she made it seem like it's nothing, then I got this email, how much will it cost me to dispute this and where can I go in Eindhoven.

I signed the final inspection report which included dry cleaning the curtains, replacing bed sheet and final clean for the apartment, apart from that I didn't agree to this.

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When the rental agreement ends, usually the tennant and land lord establish what the defects with respect to the appartment or house are and what needs to be fixed. The tennant is entitled to fix the defects (on his own costs) and in case he is not willing to do that, the lanmd lord mostly is entitled to fix it himself and hold the tennant liable for the costs. In case the procedure isn't followed correctly, or in case the parties didn't agree on the defects that need to be fixed, maybe the tennant is entitled to hold the land lord liable (for costs he had to pay but is not liable for). If you want to discuss your case please feel free to give me a call.

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At first : the rental agency must give the tenant the time to clean himself. Did you rent a the object similar clean, and is this a normal of special agreement in the rental contract, : saying the object is hotel cleaned , saying the tenant needs to deliver it back in the same way? Further on, the costs must be reasonable , I think they are not . Ask any "stomerij" and enterprise the cleaning costs of curtains and 40m appartment . If you like I am able to help you , please contact directly. Not necessary to visit , digital service.

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