I have left a Rental apartment and owner is requesting to pay for floor damage of 348.5 of which
Euro 100 ( deductible insurance) + Euro 248.5 Euro ( 10 % of the total floor bill).

We haven't done anything which could damage floor. There is no visible damage/ scratches to the floor. The only thing is there is bump in certain places along side one wall in the living room which we had reported 3-4 months before while we were staying there.
While leaving we also found that the bumps are very straighter/reduced when we left.
Basically the damage is bumps in floor one side of the living room wall which keeping on increasing and decreasing.

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1 It seems to me since you have reported the damage this is result of the material itself or the way it is layed out. There are rules on floors and how they may diverge ( NEN normen) . The bumps could be stil under normal standards . So you must contradict and say this is no damage according to Dutch law . If you want some legal advice please contact me directly.

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